About Young Author Program (YAP)

Neelima has conceptualized and designed the Young Author Program (YAP), a creative writing workshop designed to teach children in the age range of 8 -16 years to write their own stories. She mentors budding young writers and helps them implement fiction tools for effective characterization, world-building and plotting.

The program is certified by, a self-publishing company based in Bangalore.

What to expect

Participants engage in brainstorming sessions. They create believable characters and place them in an appropriate setting. Then their characters embark on a journey! The children also have the satisfaction of critiquing stories and becoming certified writers.

Selected stories written by the children are published in the Young Author Program Anthology. The first book called Ice Creams and Time Machines was published in 2019.

Work is underway on the second anthology.

More on what I do at YAP.


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